About South Shore Plastic Surgery

When choosing a plastic surgeon details matter. Details such as board certification, training, education, experience, staff, and an accredited facility matter. Take a close look at Dr. Polsen and South Shore Plastic Surgery and you will find that everything you would desire is here. Dr. Polsen has been providing aesthetic and reconstructive services in the Greater Houston Area for more than 15 years. This extensive experience has given Dr. Polsen the ability to achieve perfection in his practice. He has learned that a patient’s journey begins from the time they are greeted by the friendly receptionist and has made a conscious effort to make sure that every detail in their experience does not get overlooked. Throughout the years, Dr. Polsen was able to recruit and build a team of nurses, management, and billing staff that he feels would give his patients the highest quality of care.

When you walk into the exquisitely decorated waiting room for the first time you immediately realize Dr. Polsen’s eye for perfection. This is the same precision and attention to detail that you want when it comes to achieving your surgery goals.

Patients come first in our practice and we can assure you that you will receive our full attention. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is always prepared and happy to assist you with any questions or concerns that ever arise. Feel free to learn more about our staff here.

Complimentary Consultation

Dr. Charles Polsen is a board certified, results-driven plastic and reconstructive surgeon. We are conveniently located in the beautiful South Shore Harbor just outside Houston, Texas. Dr. Polsen has been serving the needs of his patients since 1991. Click here to learn more about Dr. Polsen’s impressive credentials. Dr. Polsen is confident he can help you to achieve your ultimate goal whether it is surgical or non-surgical. Come in for your complimentary consultation and find out for yourself.