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Texas is a big and beautiful state. And yet, each community has its unique charms and personality. Whether it’s the rich farming history of Pearland or the industrial character of Texas City, every city has individual personality. It’s that freedom to be an individual that we love about Texas, and it’s in that classic Texas way that we feel like South Shore Plastic Surgery fits in by standing out. We buy into Texas exceptionalism ´╗┐because we know we’re exceptional too.

That’s why we’re committed to offering our services not only to the Clear Lake TX community we call home, but to the surrounding cities that comprise our neighbors and even the surrounding states that form our nation. In every patient that walks through our door, we see an opportunity to prove again how exceptional we can be, which means that all of our patients receive friendly, comfortable service and great results.

But we also know that nobody can do it alone, so we’re proud to serve our surrounding communities. Not every city can offer robust plastic surgery services, so we encourage all of our clients to expand the scope of their searches. Plastic surgery is an investment in yourself, and it’s an investment you need to protect. That investment is worth the time it takes to expand your search and the time it takes to reach your destination. We all know that Texas is a big state, and cities that may look close on a map can be an intimidating drive, but the excellence practiced by Dr. Polsen make even those long drives worth it.

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