Serving Galveston, TX

Transformation Worth the Drive

Plastic surgery is about transformation–not only of your exterior appearance, but of your interior self. It’s also about alignment: making the outside match the inside, so to speak. We have found that our most satisfied patients are those who find that alignment most complete, so we also know that you’ll want to choose a plastic surgeon who shares your vision for your final look, who has enough experience to help guide you, and who has a track record you can trust. It’s difficult to find that combination in a surgeon in all of Texas, much less Galveston. So, it’s no surprise that Dr. Polsen sees many Galveston TX plastic surgery patients who know that his Clear Lake, TX, South Shore Plastic Surgery clinic is well worth the drive.

Home to the University of Texas Medical Branch campus, Galveston, TX, is a city flourishing under modernity that doesn’t forget its roots in independence. Founded by pirates to support Mexican independence, Galveston also served as the capital of Texas during its brief time as an independent state. But while Galveston has a thriving tourism and industrial shipping industry, it’s difficult for such a large area to match the high-end, luxurious aesthetic plastic surgery accommodations available in nearby Clear Lake, TX with nationally recognized plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Polsen at South Shore Plastic Surgery. The years of satisfaction you get out of your results will easily be worth the thirty-minute drive.

To Get to South Shore Plastic Surgery:

To get to us at South Shore Plastic Surgery, you’re going to want to find your way to I-45 and travel north roughly 25 miles to League City, TX. Take a right onto W Main Street. After about 3 miles, Main Street will become Marina Bay Dr., and after a half mile traveling on Marina Bay Dr., you should notice South Shore Plastic Surgery on your left. Make a quick U-turn around the median, and you’ll be able to access our parking lot and—more importantly—the great plastic surgery services we offer.