Serving Pearland, TX

Protect the Fruit of Your Labor

We all work very hard, and there’s no doubt that we put a lot of time and energy into the welfare of others: getting the kids off to school, staying up late helping with homework, spending time with an elderly grandparents, or caring for our families. So when it comes time to invest in yourself, there are always two priorities: remembering that you deserve it and ensuring that it pays off. Aesthetic plastic surgery is, surely, an investment in yourself, and you want to make sure that investment pays off. Sometimes, putting in a little extra time on the front end of your aesthetic plastic surgery journey can pay off in time and money saved on the back end–which means that it’s definitely worth the drive to see Dr. Charles Polsen for all your Pearland TX plastic surgery needs.

The fastest growing city in the larger Houston Metropolitan Area, Pearland, TX, began small—as a siding switch for what is now the Santa Fe Railway Company (of course, back then it was called Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe). And back then, fruit grew everywhere (hence, “Pear”land). These days, Pearland is known more as one of those suburban mecca’s that’s a great place to live. Still, it’s worth taking a quick drive out to League City, TX, especially if you’re interested in aesthetic plastic surgery. Located just on the border of Clear Lake, TX, South Shore Plastic Surgery gets patients from all over the Houston area—and they know it’s worth the drive. If you’re ready to schedule your own meeting with us, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

To Get to South Shore Plastic Surgery

Take Highway 518 east all the way to Dixie Farm Rd (it’s about 3.5 miles). Take a left on Dixie Farm Rd and follow that all the way to the Gulf Freeway (you’ll want the left ramp for I-45 South). Take I-45 S for 4.5 miles, where you’ll take Exit 24 towards NASA 1. Continue straight for the NASA Bypass, and after a couple of miles, you’ll take the exit for FM 270/El Camino Real/Egret Bay Blvd. Turn left on to Main Street and take that for roughly 3.3 miles. South Shore Plastic Surgery will be on your left, though you may have to take a u-turn around the median on Main Street to gain access to our parking lot.