Serving Texas City, TX

Bigger and Better

In Texas, we go big or we go home. That’s just the way it is, and that’s the way it will always be. And that’s true of your aesthetic plastic surgery as well. Even subtle procedure–those procedure that you don’t necessarily want people to notice–should be performed so exceptionally well that there’s no doubt about the before and after. At South Shore Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to giving you the great new look you desire, whatever that look may be. Because we bring decades of experience to the table, we’re a state and nation-wide destination for aesthetic plastic surgery. When it comes to Dr. Charles Polsen and the skill he brings to the table, it’s easy to see that a little travel goes a long way.

Perhaps most famous for its port and industrial infrastructure, Texas City is one of the most important cities to the United States economy, as many natural resources pass through it on its way to various worldwide destinations. This emphasis on industry makes Texas City a great city and an economic powerhouse, but it doesn’t necessarily make it a great place to shop for aesthetic plastic surgery. So if you’re in the market for plastic surgery Texas City might not be your final destination. It might be worth the drive to nearby Clear Lake, TX, where South Shore Plastic Surgery has earned a national reputation and has clients not only from all over the Houston area, but from all across the country. To join our satisfied customers, start with a consultation by contacting us today.

To Get to South Shore Plastic Surgery:

Located only 25 minutes away from Texas City, South Shore Plastic Surgery is worth the drive. Just hop on TX-146 North. After about 11 miles, you’ll come to Marina Bay Drive, where you’ll take a left. Travel another 3.3 miles, and South Shore Plastic Surgery will be on your right.