Serving Webster, TX

Remember the Past, Look to the Future

In Texas, it’s difficult to get away from our history–there are symbols of it all around, and, quite frankly, we like it that way. But aesthetic plastic surgery is about moving forward, not looking behind, so you want to have a plastic surgeon who is not only board certified with over a decade of experience, you want a plastic surgeon who can help you move forward, who can help you transform into the new you. As a highly qualified, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Charles Polsen is the surgeon who can help you do that. There might be Webster TX plastic surgery options out there, but the staff at South Shore Plastic Surgery know that we’re worth the drive.

Originally founded as colony for English explorer, Webster, TX, was originally known as Gardentown. The name Webster actually comes from the founder of the town, James W. Webster, who founded it in 1879. And while the city has modernized considerably since then, if you’re looking for high-end, high-tech aesthetic plastic surgery with board certified plastic surgeons, you might better off turning your gaze towards League City, just a stone’s throw from neighboring Webster. By serving the larger Houston area, South Shore Plastic Surgery gets plenty of patients not only from around Texas, but from around the nation. We promise you’ll feel right at home.

To Get to South Shore Plastic Surgery:

From Webster, you’ll want to find your way to E NASA Parkway, which you’ll take to S Egret Bay Blvd. Take a right onto S Egret Bay Blvd and continue for roughly 2.5 miles. When you get to East Main Street, take a left, and follow that road for almost a mile (after about half a mile, E Main Street turns into Marina Bay Dr.) Look for South Shore Plastic Surgery on your left, and make a U-turn around the median on Marina Bay Drive to gain access to our parking lot. It’s only a ten minute drive, but the best Plastic Surgery Clear Lake, TX, has to offer is worth every minute.