Tightens and removes excess skin left behind by significant weight loss
Best candidates have lost significant weight, but have stabilized
Recovery: 4-6 weeks for light activity

Who is a Good Candidate?

Often when patients lose a lot of weight, for instance sometimes after gastric bypass surgery, they will be left with unsightly excess abdominal skin known as a pannis. If the pannis is causing certain symptoms such as skin ulceration or breakdown, chronic rash which is recalcitrant to antibiotic and antifungal therapy, lower back pain or herniation, inability to perform daily activities, then often good insurance companies will cover a portion of this procedure.

The Procedure

The procedure involves the resection of the abdominal pannis. This is to be differentiated from the cosmetic procedure of abdominoplasty (sometimes called a tummy tuck) in that the belly button is not dissected around and the dissection is limited to below the umbilicus. This is a procedure performed under general anesthesia and will generally require at least two weeks for recovery.

Patients who have stretched out their skin or may have stretch marks may be an increased risk for wound healing complications and may require further revision surgery.


Dr. Polsen will provide detailed post-operative care instructions which will be necessary to have a successful recovery from a panniculectomy procedure. After at least 2 weeks of home recovery you will be able to return to work, and after about 6 weeks Dr. Polsen’s Clear Lake Houston Area patients may resume light activity.