Dr. Polsen Featured on KHOU 11, Breast Explant Success Story

Breast explant surgery has been in the news lately in part because of its recent increase in popularity. More and more patients are electing to remove their implants. In some cases, patients make this decision for aesthetic reasons. In other cases, such as the one recently featured on KHOU 11, the decision comes about for medical reasons.

Dr. Charles Polsen, a board certified plastic surgeon, was recently featured on that KHOU 11 story because he helped his patient identify and remove problematic implants.

What is Breast Explant Surgery?

Nearly all breast augmentation procedures are performed using either a saline or silicone breast implant (the exception to this is a breast augmentation performed with autologous fat, called a fat transfer breast augmentation). In general, saline and silicone implants are considered to be both safe and effective.

However, in some cases, it’s possible that implants can become an issue. For example, in the case of Cindy Leach, featured on the KHOU 11 report, a bad rupture of one implant resulted in several possible long term health impacts.

During a breast explant procedure, the previous breast implant will be removed and the breasts will be returned to their natural size. In most cases, this can be accomplished simply by removing the implant; the breast tissue will then return to its old size and shape. In some cases, however, a breast reduction or breast lift will be necessary in order to achieve the patient’s desired final result. This is always discussed thoroughly with the patient during each breast explant consultation.

A Case of a Ruptured Implant

Leach had undergone a breast augmentation two years before her breast explant procedure. After having four children, the body builder wanted to address some of the aesthetic changes of her body. After the surgery, she started feeling a variety of symptoms–and generally ended up feeling unwell.

A mammogram revealed that one of her implants had severely ruptured. Dr. Polsen recommended a breast explant and was able to remove both implants (as well as debris caused by the rupture). Once the implant was removed, Leach noticed an immediate improvement in her symptoms. (Whether the two were truly related is difficult to prove scientifically.)

A Valid Option

Breast explant surgery has quickly become a valid option for a wide variety of patients who are looking to get back to their natural breast size. The motivations of these patients vary widely, depending on the person and on the circumstances. But the relief that our patients feel–once they’ve returned to their natural breast size and shape–is often quite similar.

If you have questions about breast explant surgery, or you’d like to know more about what your options are, contact our offices to schedule a consultation with Dr. Polsen. As one of the area’s leading experts on Breast Explant surgery and a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Polsen will be able to answer your questions.

With the right breast explant options, relief, comfort, and happiness could be just around the corner.