Breast Enhancement

Whether you’re looking for a breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, or a breast reduction, South Shore Plastic Surgery offers a wide variety of procedures designed to meet your unique desires. Everything we do is geared towards making sure you feel great about your body. A breast augmentation can give you renewed confidence. A breast reduction can help ease your back pain and lead to more comfort. We’re here to help you get the body you want.

Enhance Your Breasts With:

Breast Augmentation – This surgical procedure is designed to change the size of the breast (usually increasing) by inserting a breast implant.

Breast Implants – There are a variety of breast implants available, including saline, silicone and fat graft. Dr. Polsen favors the silicone breast implant.

Breast Lift – As you age, the ligaments in your breast might wear out, so this procedure is designed to restore your breasts to their more youthful perkiness.

Breast Reconstruction – After a mastectomy, or other trauma to the breast, it is often necessary to reconstruct the breast tissues to get them back to their original or desired size and shape.

Breast Reduction – Reducing the size of the breast can often relieve you of unwanted back pain and muscle soreness.

Breast Revision – Sometimes the breast or breast implant becomes damaged, and when that happens this procedure restores and reconstructs the breast to the desired size and shape.

Gynecomastia – The scientific term for male breasts, gynecomastia can often be remedied by surgical procedures which eliminate the unwanted breast tissue for a more masculine appearance.