Facial Plastic Surgery

As we age, it’s often the face that first gives us pause: has that wrinkle always been there? Why won’t those dark circles under my eyes go away? I’m too young for jowls!

The facial procedures at South Shore Plastic Surgery, in Clear Lake, TX, can help you reveal the youthful face that’s more in line with how you feel. Facelifts can help your skin stay smooth and radiant. Rhinoplasty can give you the nose you’ve always wanted. Face and neck liposuction can help you remove unwanted fat that diet and exercise simply can’t eliminate. You probably look at your face every day in the mirror: love the reflection that looks back at you.

Enhance Your Face With:

Facelift – Surgical procedure that eliminates unwanted facial tissue and stretches the skin to remove wrinkles.

Brow Lift – Brow lifts focus on eliminating wrinkles and excess skin around the eyebrow and forehead area.

Chin Augmentation – This procedure changes the shape of the chin, often by inserting implants, to give you a more youthful overall facial proportion.

Eyelid Surgery – This is a surgical procedure that eliminates excess skin, which can often interfere with sight, around the eyes; it doesn’t hurt that this also leads to a more youthful appearance.

Ear Reshaping – Sometimes we’re just not born with the ears we want, and this surgical procedure is intended to result in more proportional, balanced ears.

Face and Neck Liposuction – By eliminating unwanted and stubborn fat in the face and neck areas, this procedure can give you a much more youthful appearance.

Fat Injections (Face) – This procedure not only removes fat, but it puts it to work by smoothing out wrinkles in the face.

Liquid Facelift – This nonsurgical procedure involves injecting the face with fillers or muscle relaxants, which leads to a youthful look that can typically be achieved over a lunch hour.

Neck Lift – Much as a facelift reduces the signs of aging in the face, a neck lift removes excess skin and eliminates wrinkles in the neck area, which really helps you look and feel young.

Rhinoplasty – By giving you the nose you always wanted, we can also give you the facial proportions you’ve always wanted.