For Men

Offering Plastic Surgery for Men in Clear Lake, TX

While a great deal of plastic surgery marketing is geared towards women, that doesn’t mean that men have been forgotten about. Indeed, recent research indicates that plastic surgery for men is becoming much more popular. Plastic surgery for men in Clear Lake, TX, is no different, and here at South Shore Plastic Surgery we’ve noticed a definite uptick in men looking for plastic surgery.

Procedures for men and women, at their core, aren’t entirely different. In fact, they generally follow roughly the same protocols. However, men and women often have different goals going into these procedures. For men, these goals not only include a more youthful general appearance, but also a more masculine profile. To most, masculinity can be defined by hard edges and defined angles. In all of the following procedures, Dr. Polsen and his staff at South Shore Plastic Surgery honor these masculine characteristics.

Get Started on Your Masculine Transformation

It’s important, when selecting your plastic surgeon, to be comfortable with your final results. Whether you’re looking for a gynecomastia surgery, or you simply want a dermal filler to make your face appear a little more youthful, building trust is important. Dr. Polsen fosters that trust with years of experience and a friendly but honest disposition. The staff at South Shore Plastic Surgery is here to take care of your needs and to help make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

So if you want to take a few years off and increase your masculine presence, South Shore Plastic Surgery is sure to be your destination for plastic surgery for men in Clear Lake, TX, and in the surrounding areas. Contact us to get started on your transformation right away.

Procedures Offered

Gynecomastia – Sometimes, either due to aging or genetic factors, men can develop breast tissue. While not in and of itself unhealthy, this breast tissue can cause discomfort due to its feminine characteristics. Removal of this tissue creates a more masculine profile.

Facelift for Men – Sometimes the first place we notice aging is in the face. A facelift can make you look more youthful without losing your masculine profile. Indeed, in the best cases, a facelift can also make you look a bit more manly.

Dermal Fillers for Men – If you aren’t necessarily interested in the long recovery time associated with facelifts or with surgery, dermal fillers can be a great temporary solution. By targeting select wrinkles and facial formations, dermal fillers can help sculpt that masculine profile you want.

Body Contouring for Men – Often after a massive weight loss, you can be left with a good deal of excess skin and tissues that, frankly, aren’t going anywhere. Body contouring can help eliminate those tissues and leave you feeling slimmer and more youthful.

Abdominoplasty for Men – Sometimes referred to as a “tummy tuck,” an abdominoplasty is a way to eliminate excess skin around the belly and tighten the abs. This variation on the procedure is specially formulated for the bodies of men.

Botox for Men – Among the most popular cosmetic procedures available, Botox Cosmetic has seen a precipitous rise in use by men. And for good reason. It’s a temporary solution that gets great results and leaves patients quite satisfied with the procedure.