Rejuvenate with Juvederm®

When it comes right down to it, everybody’s facelift desires are a little different, and so the variety of liquid facelift brands is designed to give options to everybody.

Designed to diminish and eliminate age-related wrinkles, Juvederm® is a brand of liquid, injectable filler. Composed primarily of hyaluronic acid (a natural substance found in most mammals), many cosmetic and plastic surgeons use Juvederm® as a facelift alternative or part of a liquid facelift regimen. When this filler is injected into the skin, wrinkles are smoothed and a more youthful look is achieved. While many acid-based liquid fillers leave the tissue with a grainy texture, Juvederm® is formulated to leave the skin with a more pleasant, more smooth, and therefore more natural, texture. The site of injection and the dose of injection are both important.

Liquid Facelifts regimens, such as Juvederm®, may seem simple, but they can be complex. You’ll want to discuss your treatment and decisions with Dr. Polsen before you proceed, so contact us online or call our Clear Lake and Houston Area office at (281) 538-6600.


  • Juvederm® is a liquid facial filler
  • Results generally last for about a year
  • Recovery: 1-4 days

Who is a Good Candidate?

Houston Area candidates should be in generally good health and ensure that they have no allergies to the Juvederm® procedure. They should also have realistic expectations in terms of what Juvederm®, or any liquid filler, can accomplish on its own.

The Procedure

Dr. Polsen will work with you to target wrinkles in the facial region that are contributing to the aged look of the face. The Juvederm® will be injected into the skin to smooth out those regions. Anesthesia is generally not necessary, but Dr. Polsen will consult with you to determine if a topical or local anesthetic may be necessary, perhaps including lidocaine. This is typically performed as a day patient procedure, and you can often return to work shortly afterwards.

It should be noted that the hyaluronic acid that is the active ingredient in Juvederm® is usually absorbed into the body within six months of the procedure, so effects will start to fade sometime between 6 and 12 months, though very slowly. In fact, according to the FDA, Juvederm® lasts as long as a year. Once that year is up, however, you will need to schedule further Juvederm® therapy to maintain your youthful, radiant look.

Dr. Polsen has experience treating clients brand new to cosmetic procedure in the Houston Area, as well as those who come in for their yearly Juvederm treatment.


The recovery for Juvederm® is generally very quick. You can expect to return to work within a day or two—or perhaps after the procedure if your occupation is not terribly straining, and any swelling should recede by then. Dr. Polsen will work with you to optimize your recovery and your results.