The Benefits of Liposuction

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Year after year, liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed throughout the United States. In fact, there has hardly been a year in the past two or three decades that hasn’t seen liposuction sitting in the top five most popular procedures. That’s because there are benefits of liposuction surgery that extend beyond the obvious weight loss.

Weight loss is usually the most pronounced and obvious benefit of any liposuction procedure. That said, the term “weight loss” is something of a misnomer, as liposuction isn’t a procedure designed to control a patient’s weight, perse.

Most patients who have not been able to achieve results via diet and exercise and who want massive weight loss begin with some type of bariatric surgery. It’s relatively common, then, for those patients who have experienced massive weight loss to then undergo body contouring surgery such as liposuction or a tummy tuck. In part that’s because liposuction has an amazing ability to target specific trouble areas of the body. These are spots where stubborn areas of fat just don’t seem to fade no matter what you do or how hard you work. ,strong>Eliminating or diminishing these trouble spots is really what liposuction is best at.

Liposuction Benefits for the Body

Patients usually discuss the benefits of liposuction surgery in terms of mental and physical benefits. We’ll start by talking about the physical benefits because those tend to the first that patients notice.

Liposuction is a body contouring procedure in which fat is removed from the body. Dr. Polsen makes a small incision and then uses a tiny tube, called a cannula, to suction fat out of the body in a highly controlled and precise way. It is, in fact, the precision of modern liposuction technology that allows this procedure to contour the body in a way that looks natural and smooth.

As such, liposuction tends to lead to some of the following benefits:

  • Many patients’ bodies look more proportional after liposuction, as the procedure is able to remove fat from targeted areas. Most patients want to achieve a specific set of proportions, and liposuction gives them some control over that.
  • Liposuction can also help patients achieve many types of weight loss journeys. Patients who are trying to lose weight will often encounter stubborn areas of fat that simply won’t budge, no matter how much diet or exercise is involved. Liposuction can help eliminate these areas of fat.
  • Modern liposuction is designed to contour the body. This means that your results will blend in with your natural shape. It also means that your curves will be preserved where you want them to be, giving patients and surgeons maximum control over your final look. In other words, it won’t look like you’ve undergone surgery, it’ll just look like you’ve lost weight.

As such, liposuction is routinely employed in body contouring and body transformation projects. Patients love the fact that they can finally address those problem areas! It is worth pointing out, however, that the best results often occur when patients are maintaining a stable weight. This will give your surgeon the best chance at properly contouring your results for long term benefits.

Emotional Benefits of Liposuction

The physical benefits of liposuction are not the only benefits of liposuction. As with any plastic surgery procedure, there are certainly emotional benefits as well. Many of those emotional benefits come from the alignment of a patient’s body image, self image, and mirror image.

In other words, patients are relieved that they finally look the way they feel. This has long been one of the benefits of many plastic surgery procedures, but it’s particularly potent with a procedure such as liposuction. Some other emotional benefits may include:

  • Increases in self confidence
  • Improvements in self-esteem
  • More comfort with your body overall
  • The satisfaction of having completed your weight loss journey or accomplished your weight loss goals

In general, the emotional benefits of liposuction are more difficult to catalog than the physical benefits. That’s because those emotional benefits tend to be more personal and more difficult to see, especially in the moment. However, it’s not unusual for patients to report that they simply feel better in their own bodies after a liposuction body contouring procedure.

Individual Benefits Will Vary

Every patient that comes to Dr. Polsen is entirely unique, so there is always going to be some variation from person to person. That’s certainly true with the benefits of liposuction, which will vary from patient to patient. The best way to find out what benefits might apply to your own situation would be to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Polsen.

During your consultation, you’ll talk about your liposuction and body contouring goals and the best way to achieve them. These are often procedures that create transformations both subtle and large. Results will, therefore, vary from patient to patient.

To find out more about what liposuction can do for you, contact our Clear Lake TX offices to schedule an appointment with Dr. Polsen!