Dermal Fillers for Men

Now Tailoring Dermal Fillers for Men in Clear Lake, TX

One of the first areas where aging becomes evident is in the skin. Wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging jowls—they all betray our age and sometimes make us look a lot older than we feel. Most of us feel a lot younger than we actually are, so when you look in the mirror and see an older face looking back at you, it’s easy to feel ill at ease. The procedures at South Shore Plastic Surgery are designed to bring you back into alignment with how you feel. But that doesn’t always mean that surgery, and the requisite long recovery time, are always the best solution. Indeed, there are some ways you can get a new, more youthful look and indulge in some instant gratification while you’re at it.

We’re able to accomplish this for you at South Shore Plastic Surgery because one of the reasons the face starts to wrinkle and look a little more weathered is because it tends to lose volume. When you’re young, your skin is very elastic, which means it can stretch and snap back very easily. As you age, this ability of your tissue diminishes, and when those tissues begin to lose volume—as happens with age—it can really start to show. The solution is something called a dermal filler.

What is a Dermal Filler?

Specially developed to fill volume beneath tissue, dermal fillers are an injectable option for smoother, fuller, younger looking skin. Essentially, dermal fillers are injected beneath your tissues to make those tissues appear smoother, akin to filling a balloon with air. Some dermal fillers do this primarily through their own volume, while others encourage collagen development to bolster the chemical scaffolding of your own tissues.

There are many dermal filler options, which we’ll discuss in a moment, but it’s worth mentioning first that at South Shore Plastic Surgery, we also understand that men in particular don’t necessarily want their features softened—a characteristic often associated with dermal fillers. We take great care in selecting injection sites that will highlight your masculinity to give you your desired, more youthful final appearance.

Dermal Filler Options

To get the best information of the types of dermal fillers for men in Clear Lake, TX, we offer, you’ll want to schedule a confidential consultation with our plastic surgeon. There are a multitude of options, each one with its own strengths and weaknesses. However, you can get a sense of the dermal fillers we offer by examining those most popular choices, listed below.

Juvederm: One of the most popular dermal fillers options, Juvederm is a Hyaluronic Acid-based option. Hyaluronic Acid might sound exotic, but it’s based on compounds already found within your own tissue. Essentially, the Juvederm is injected, providing volume beneath the skin to smooth out wrinkles. Simultaneously, the hyaluronic acid encourages collagen growth, building a lattice of structure to help ensure the longevity of the results. All hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers are reversible, including Juvederm, but even without that step, results typically last for about a year. Most of the men that get Juvederm injections like the results so much that they come back for regular touch-ups to maintain their more youthful appearance.

Radiesse: A more robust option than Juvederm, Radiesse is different from other dermal fillers because of its calcium based chemical structure. This makes Radiesse more rigid than most other options and, as such, Radiesse is reserved only for deep tissue treatments—in other words, for those very deep wrinkles, such as pre-jowls and smile lines. While Radiesse typically lasts about a year, some have noticed the results lasting for as much as three years. Radiesse is particularly popular among men because it can firm up the jawline—a central site of an overall masculine appearance.

Bellafill/Artefill: Most dermal fillers are eventually absorbed into your body. They’re designed to do that, and they’re generally, then, made out of chemicals that your body likes to absorb. Bellafill, formerly known as Artefill, was created with a different mindset—using a chemical structure (collagen microspheres) that resists absorption into the body. This means that the results from a Bellafill injection can last for a relatively long time, at least five years, and is generally considered to be a semi-permanent solution.

Restylane: Unlike most hyaluronic acid-based fillers, Restylane is not reversible. In many other ways, it’s incredibly similar to Juvederm—and decisions between the two often boil down to personal preference. However, Restylane is known to last slightly longer than Juvederm, generally averaging an effective period of eighteen months or so.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

Dermal fillers are a noninvasive procedure, and they are typically incredibly low risk. That being said, there is no procedure that is completely without risk, so it’s important to consult with Dr. Polsen before deciding on any one procedure or the other. Typically, at South Shore Plastic Surgery, we look for the following characteristics in your Clear Lake area dermal fillers for men patients:

  • Healthy enough for the basic procedure (for example, nonsmoking, no know allergies, and so on)
  • Realistic expectations about what the procedure will accomplish
  • Wrinkles caused by volume loss or loss of elasticity in the skin
  • Facial plastic surgery is either unwanted or unwarranted

The Procedure

Most dermal filler procedures are relatively quick and easy to accomplish. Once the sites for injection are selected, dermal filler application and injection can usually be completed in less than an hour. An ice bag may be used to diminish the chances of bruising and redness, but this is not always completely effective. However, most bruising or redness should diminish significantly in the twenty-four hours following your procedure. Results should also be noticeable immediately, but their duration will vary significantly from product to product. Therefore, the desired duration of your results should be part of your initial discussions with Dr. Polsen.

Dermal filler procedures are performed on an out-patient basis in our clinic at South Shore Plastic Surgery, largely for the convenience of our patients.


Recovery from a dermal filler injection should be relatively instantaneous. As we mentioned, there might be some slight bruising or redness, but that should subside within a day or two. It’s important not to touch or manipulate the injection site for at least forty-eight hours after the procedure has taken place, as some dermal filler remain pliable for a short period of time after injection. Therefore, to protect your results, you should also refrain from engaging in heavy athletic activity for 24-48 hours following your injection.

Dr. Polsen will give you personalized care and recovery instructions in order to ensure your comfort and safeguard your results.

If you’re interested in joining the satisfied patients who a have had dermal fillers for men in Clear Lake, TX, contact Dr. Charles Polsen today to schedule your free consultation.