Restylane® & Perlane®

Facelift Fast Lane

Not all wrinkles are created equal. Some wrinkles run more deeply into the tissue than others. It’s important, then, to select the right filler for the right wrinkle. If fine lines have you down, RESTYLANE® can help. RESTYLANE® works on even the tiniest of lines and can produce a fresh, youthful glow. PERLANE®, on the other hand, is specially formulated to combat deeper, more stubborn wrinkles. While both products are closely related, the major difference lies in the size of the molecules of the solution which are injected into the facial tissues. The larger molecules are great for larger wrinkles, the finer molecules for finer wrinkles.

Dr. Polsen administers RESTYLANE® and PERLANE® safely and effectively, and is eager to meet with you for a consultation to discuss even more of the benefits of these two products. Common facial areas that can often be significantly improved include under the eyes, hollowing of the temporal regions, and the nasal labial folds.

If you are interested in RESTYLANE® or PERLANE® injections in Clear Lake, contact us online or call our Houston Area offices at (281) 538-6600.


  • Restylane is an injectable filler that eliminates wrinkles and can often significantly improve facial areas including under the eyes, hollowing of the temporal regions, and the nasal labial folds.
  • Perlane is formulated with larger molecules, making it a better choice for deep wrinkles
  • Recovery: 24 hours

Who is a Good Candidate?

RESTYLANE® and PERLANE® work for almost everyone. Most men and women who seek out injectable fillers do so because of sagging, loose skin that causes the face to look older than it actually is. RESTYLANE® can erase your subtle lines and wrinkles, leaving you looking rejuvenated and fresh. PERLANE® can target the more pronounced lines and wrinkles. Dr. Polsen strongly suggests all of his RESTYLANE® and PERLANE® recipients be healthy and have a realistic idea of what can be achieved with this injectable filler.

The Procedure

Dr. Polsen will ensure that you have a personalized RESTYLANE® or PERLANE® experience. You will work together to pinpoint specific targets that could best benefit from these incredible injections. Your results should appear within a few days, but your recovery will need to be completed in order to achieve the full effect of your injectable filler. It is important to remember that PERLANE® or RESTYLANE® in the Houston Area is not permanent, and will likely need to be repeated every 3-12 months or so in order to maintain your desired results.


The recovery time for RESTYLANE® or PERLANE® injections is shorter than most other cosmetic procedures. Depending on your area of injection, however, exercise may not be immediately recommended. It is critical that you do not massage or rub your injection sites until you are fully recovered. Dr. Polsen’s patients rarely see complications, but swelling and bruising may occur.