Charles G. Polsen, MD

An image of Dr. Polsen; Dr. Polsen is a board certified Plastic Surgeon serving the Clear Lake, TX, area.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Houston

Dr Charles G. Polsen is a board certified surgeon in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery serving his patients in the greater Houston area with his private practice located in League City, TX.

Dr. Polsen completed his undergraduate degree at Tulane University with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry in 1986. That same year he was accepted into New York Medical College. Dr. Polsen’s education as a physician and surgeon is extensive. After graduating medical school, he had complete training in General Surgery at Baylor College of Medicine, where he trained at the renowned Hermann Hospital in Houston and the top trauma center Ben Taub Hospital. During Dr. Polsen’s General Surgery Residency he spent one year studying hand surgery under one of the nation’s leading hand sugeons and performing research on hand anatomy that was both published and presented at the National Hand Society Meeting. Following five years of training at Baylor College of Medicine, Dr. Polsen was accepted into the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Texas. From 1996-1998, during his three years of  residency at University of Texas, Dr. Polsen was awarded first place with the prestigious Clinical Research Award presented to him by the Plastic Surgery Foundation.  This training and experience provided Dr. Polsen with the expertise and confidence in aesthetic plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery to give his patients the finest results.

Throughout his training and career, Dr. Polsen has been published numerous times on a broad range of topics in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has also given presentations for the American Society for Surgery of the Hand and the Texas Medical Association. In order to keep up with the newest in procedures and technology, Dr. Polsen regularly attends plastic and reconstructive surgery meetings throughout the country.  Current technological advances help enable him to perform less invasive procedures with reduced scars and shorter postoperative healing times.

Many patients are surprised to learn that hand surgery falls under the reconstructive aspect of a Plastic and Reconstructive residency. Dr. Polsen performed his hand training at the prestigious Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston, part of the University of Texas Residency Program. During his Plastic and Reconstruction residency Dr. Polsen was extensively trained in all aspects of hand surgery, especially microsurgery. During his training Dr. Polsen authored an article concerning the detailed anatomy of the hand, at the wrist, in the area of carpal tunnel surgery. This article was published in the HAND Journal (the official journal for the American Association of Hand Surgery). In addition, Dr. Polsen presented his findings at the national meeting for the American Association of Hand Surgeons. Dr. Polsen received an award during his training from the Plastic Surgery Education Foundation for research.

Dr. Polsen was certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in 2002. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and attends and speaks for a monthly Bay Area Journal Club of distinguished surgeons in the area.

Dr. Polsen’s practice is patient-focused, with his primary goal being patient education. The bottom line is that he spends quality time with his patients, getting to know their specific needs and desires and addressing any specific questions or concerns. Dr. Polsen has been applauded by patients for his honesty and desire to reach the optimal result. He will be the first to tell a patient if they need to lose 10 pounds in order to achieve the best outcome for their surgery. Dr. Polsen’s eye for perfection keeps him focused and ultimately produces life-changing results.